DreamWave Vinyl™

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Your Relaxation Ally

Meet your new best friend!

DreamWave Vinyl™ is a desk ornament that also doubles as a clock and offers the soothing allure of ocean sounds.

Enjoy seamless music playback with Bluetooth, AUX, or TF card modes.

Rhythmic Lights, Serene Sounds

Customize your ambiance with adjustable ambient light to suit your mood and preference.

Enjoy high-quality audio playback, enhancing your relaxation and music experience.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights with DreamWave Vinyl™' soothing ocean sounds and calming lights.


Jasmine V.

Makes my bedroom look so cool!

This DreamWave LED speaker is the coolest thing I've ever bought. My room looks like the northern lights its so great for relaxing in your room.

Derek C.

Great Product

This thing is just so rad. I bought one for my sister thinking she'd be into it but once I saw it, I had to get one for myself so yeah i suggest it!

Courtney E.


This thing really does light up your room nicely. The audio on it is really good. I use this thing so often

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