Thalira Swimsuit Shaper™

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🍒 Tummy control swimsuit

🕒 Enhanced confidence

❤️ Bikini body with a pull

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Size: XS
Color: Black

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Thalira Swimsuit Shaper™

Meet your new best friend!

Specially designed to enhance your confidence and sculpt your silhouette!

With 360-degree body sculpting, tummy control, and an adjustable fit, your beach days will be transformed.

Enjoy a sleek, contoured look that smooths and shapes your waist effortlessly.

Stop searching far and wide!

The Thalira Swimsuit Shaper™ is your go-to for body sculpting swimwear that outperforms Amazon knockoffs.

Our tummy control swimsuit offers unparalleled support and comfort, designed to enhance your natural curves. Unlike generic alternatives


Jasmine V.


I'm IN LOVE with this bathing suit. It fits perfectly. After losing over 200 pounds, this suit holds my extra belly skin in place and gives an instant tummy tuck. The boob support is TOP TIER! Can't wait for the other colors to be back in stock in my size. This is a must-have!

If you're unsure, let this be your sign! Worth every penny.

Chloe V.


Kept seeing this popup on facebook and instagram ads. I’ve never had luck with a one-piece suit before but thought I’d give this a try! Got it today and I love it! It is so comfortable and flattering!

Courtney E.


I was skeptical of this suit. Living in Florida, I go through a lot of swimsuits each year. It was snug putting it on, but once on, I was amazed. I avoid shape wear, but I didn't feel restricted in this suit. I wore it for 3 days straight at the beach, and it was very comfortable and flattering. My girls stayed concealed even in the waves. The butt coverage rode up a bit but stayed in place and wasn’t uncomfortable. I bought a second one and am considering a third. The difference is clear—I'm not sucking anything in.

Morgan H.


Holy moly, this is flattering!

I have an hourglass shape, but normal bathing suits stretch off my curves and make me look boxy because I'm tall with a long torso. Not this one!

It hugs all the right places even before tying the back. I can't wait to rock this on my vacation. I feel sexy and confident, which I've never said about a one-piece before. The material is heavy-duty, breathable, and high quality. You get what you pay for and then some.

Also, 11/10 customer service and fast shipping to Canada.

Adelina Z.


Excellent experience so far, ordered on 10/03 received 21/03 to Australia. This is the first one piece I’ve ever had and holy crap it’s beautiful. Comfortable and flattering. Thank you!

Now I just need to convince the hubby I need it in every other colour and that it’s worth the price.

Jade C.


I have an unusual problem with most swimwear due to my figure and 42° lumbar scoliosis, making my hips noticeably uneven. One side is flat like a man's, and the other side has a fat roll. Form-fitting clothes always look awkward on me. This suit completely smoothed out my big hip side and gave me some curve on my flat side. It also makes my chest look great, which is rare for a plunge neckline. The quality justifies the price—the fabric is soft, strong, comfortable, and supportive. I have no doubts this will last for years.

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