Thalira Leo Horoscope Tee™

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Hello, Star Sign Family!
Imagine presenting a gift that speaks to the essence of who someone is—a gift selected from the stars themselves.

Thalira Leo Horoscope Tee™ | Ask Your Stars 2024

About Thalira Leo Horoscope Tee™.

The stars know the importance of individuality.

Tell your friends that the Thalira Leo Horoscope Tee™ is custom embroidered with your zodiac sign and a special message.

Each design is carefully crafted, ensuring that every detail reflects the natural leadership and strength of a Leo.


About Thalira Leo Horoscope Tee™

She had everything but confidence

Until she found this stylish way to showcase her fiery spirit... with the Thalira Leo Horoscope Tee™.

Why modern Leos are flocking to this beautiful embroidered zodiac tee?

Find Out!

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Started In Los Angeles, CA

Thalira Design Studio™ is a family owned design studio focused on limited edition designs, keeping each piece a rare fashion statement.

With our hearts rooted in philosophy we wanted this next release to be a symbol of the Zodiac Star Signs.

Meticulously designed, these shirts weave unmatched craftsmanship, each piece is quality checked by the whole family!

We're dedicated to your satisfaction and gratefully back every purchase with a Satisfaction Guarantee.



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Olivia D.


As someone who loves zodiac signs as clothes, this sweatshirt is perfect. The Leo design is stunning, and it’s incredibly soft and warm. The custom birthdate option is a fantastic bonus!

Michelle V.

Favorite Sweater

They make it exciting by making it an exclusive drop for the signs upcoming! I'm so lucky i got mine before it went away - ARIES ✨- I love mine and these will be my go to bday presents for all my girlies!!

Ethan C.

Highly Satisfied

I'm really impressed with the quality of this sweatshirt. The lion and constellation embroidery are beautifully detailed. It's comfortable and fits perfectly. Great purchase!

Amanda M.


I bought the Leo Zodiac Sweatshirt as a gift for myself, and I couldn't be happier. The embroidery is exquisite, and the custom birthdate makes it unique. It's so soft and cozy, perfect for any day.

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